Why „Physical Base of Economic Theories“?

This Blog is about one thermodynamic laws caused fact:

Anything in our Universe, on our Planet Earth, in any Country on this Earth, in any Economic System in any country, in any living creature including human or in any kind of information transport:
Nothing happens without energy involved.
Nothing can be created without energy involved.
Nothing can be transformed without energy involved.

Nothing happens without energy. Energy is involved in any changing process, including any production process.
Energy determines therefore any production process by absolutely 100%.
It is one given characteristic of any production process, any transport process, any work done, any service done.
It determines everything by 100%. It is not one but THE physical dimension of any system – including economic systems.

Put this besides any economic theory and you get an idea of an unanswered open question of these theories.
They do not put this fact into account.

There is a given physical characteristic of any economic system out there – and not a single economist is putting the dots together.
The economist did look out for an object of an absolute value for long time. They failed.
But they overlooked that there is an absolute and physical measurable value which is the reference for the total economic account.